[February 24] SiRIUS lab attended 2024 college of engineering graduate symposium - Read More

[February 19] Dr. Roohi delivered the American Society of Civil Engineers EMI Dynamics Seminar - Read More

[February 1,] Ph.D. Student Aleem Ullah attended and presented a conference paper at IMAC XLII Conference - Read More



[November 25] Dr. Roohi and Ph.D. student Saeid Ghasemi attended and presented at NIST SAM in Gaithersburg, MD - Read More

[November 24] Ph.D. Student Saeid Ghasemi Presented at Durham School Seminar - Read More

[October 19] Dr. Roohi delivered an invited seminar at Rice University - Read More

[October 15] Dr. Roohi Received UNL Research Development Fellows Program (RDFP) Award - Read More

[August 16] SiRIUS lab welcomes a new Ph.D. student: Aleem Ullah Cheema - Read More

[August 15] THWARTS Conference - Read More

[January 15] Congrats to Ph.D. Student Saied Ghasemi for Receiving Travel Grant Award - Read More

[January 10] Dr. Roohi Served as a Panel Member of the International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response & Management - Read More

[January 5] Dr. Roohi Chaired Sessions at Canadian Conference-Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering at UBC - Read More

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