This page provides an overview of the undergraduate and graduate courses I am currently teaching in the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL). Additional information on courses available within the department and college can be found in the UNL course catalog

CIVE 459/859 Reliability of Structures


Fundamental concepts related to structural reliability, safety measures, load models, resistance models, system reliability, optimum safety levels, and optimization of design codes.

CIVE 341 Structural Analysis Fundamentals

Semesters Taught (Enrollment):
Spring 2023 (12 students)

Check out a few examples of the student evaluations for this class:

  • Dr. Roohi fosters an excellent learning environment by encouraging open communication about the course material. Initially, there were some concerns among students regarding the workload and homework assignments, and it seemed that Dr. Roohi may not have been fully attentive to this feedback. However, he made adjustments to his teaching approach for the remainder of the semester, which greatly enhanced my learning experience. Thanks to his efforts, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the course material and improve my overall performance.
  • The professor provide us with a lot of course note and examples to consolidate the meaning of the course. 
  • The use of python helped so much in the practical part. It’s a great opportunity to learn
  • I feel that Dr. Roohi has always gotten back to me in a timely manner or sooner. He is always very understandable and I feel I can send questions his way without fear of judgment. I believe Dr. Roohi cares about the best interests of his students.

MECH 223 Engineering Statics


The action of forces on engineering structures and machines. Force systems, static equilibrium of frames and machines. Friction, center of gravity, moment of inertia, vector algebra.

Prerequisite(s): MATH 1960 with grade of C or better and PHYS 2110 with grade of C or better

Semesters Taught (Enrollment):
Fall 2023 (43 students)
Fall 2022 (43 students)

Check out a few examples of the student evaluations for this class:

• “I would have completely hated this course or maybe even switched majors if I didn't have Dr. Roohi as my teacher. Even though my grade is not looking good, I am encouraged to hang in there and keep pushing.”

• “I am not exaggerating when I say Dr. Roohi is one of the best instructors I have ever had in both my college career and education career in general. He explained every concept very thoroughly, provided many examples and outside sources for help, graded fairly and was considerate on extenuating circumstances, communicated effectively on assignment and exam dates, encouraged group participation, created opportunities for grade improvement, demonstrated his passion for the subject and never failed to show up. Furthermore, he adhered to office hours, communicated his absences, and always left us with the proper resources to complete our daily work if he was gone. Dr. Roohi is an excellent instructor and I wanted to make sure his performance and dedication to his teachings was recognized.”

• “Dr. Roohi is excellent at explaining things in a way that makes sense. He's super personable and very approachable, and this makes it really easy to ask questions before, during and after class.”

• “While this course work is very challenging, you make it apparent that your goal is to help us learn and succeed, not to fail us. You always provide us with opportunity to grow in areas that were maybe not as strong as they should have been.”

• “I appreciated the variety we had in lectures - sometimes it was concept focused, sometimes it was problem solving, and sometimes it was more geared towards letting us ask questions. I think this range allowed me to learn the material better than if had been purely one of these three.”

• “Dr. Roohi took student feedback throughout the course and adjusted accordingly throughout the semester, which was very nice and accommodating.”

• “We have had many opportunities to interact with other students and brainstorm together on homework to get the best possible grade on all our assignments.”

• “Dr. Roohi actually wants you to understand the material and never makes it awkward or makes you feel bad for not understanding what is taught. He is always ready and willing to work with you until you feel confident in the course.”

• “Great professor. you can tell he cares about the course work but also about us as students. He is very kind understanding and all around a great guy.”