SiRIUS Lab Attended 2024 College of Engineering Graduate Symposium

February 24, 2024


Ph.D. Students (Pramodit Adhikari, Saeid Ghasemi, Aleem Ullah, S.M.ASCE) and Dr. Roohi attended and presented SiRIUS lab's research at the 2024 College of Engineering Graduate Symposium. The day was filled with engaging presentations, discussions, and a valuable career panel by Dr. David Jones, Dr. Daniel Linzell (he/him/his) and Dr. Emmanuel Akintunde offering a wealth of insights.

A special thanks to Dr. Kayla Person and the Graduate Engineering Student Advisory Board (Khalid Alkady, Zina Ebrahim, Abdelrahman Awawdeh) and Dr. Mark Riley for organizing such an impactful event.

Dr. Mark Railey